Become a Member


The ACMC doesn’t sanction or approve Clubs or Entities, or  dictate on how to start / join a Motorcycle Club.  That is done through the Motorcycle Club community. Find Clubs in your local area and attend their events, say hi, get to know them. Once you befriend them they can (their discretion) help you with any questions you may have.  Their most popular concern will generally be “why you don’t join an existing Club”, such as themselves. There are a large number of Motorcycle Clubs in Arizona, many definitely worth looking into. Needless to say, we favor the Clubs / Entities that are affiliated with our Arizona Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs.

Following these guidelines, if you were to obtain the friendship and possible support of an ACMC Member Club, successfully giving them the impression that you might be a good member of the ACMC, they would contact an ACMC Board Member and ask for an introduction of your entity at the ACMC general meeting.  You will be the considered the guest of this Member Club at the meeting. If you are accepted into becoming an Associate Entity of the ACMC, you may be required to wear “Soft Colors” for an undesignated period of time. You would be responsible for reasonable attendance of ACMC Member hosted events for a period of 3 years, at the end of which your Club could become a Member of the ACMC.

If you are currently a Patch Holder coming from a location outside of Arizona, and have verifiable history with said Club / entity, you may contact a Board Member directly as listed on the ACMC website under contact.

All new Clubs are required to pay a one-time $200 seed money and $100 annual yearly dues from then on.

We do not accept any entities that include past, present or future Law Enforcement officers.